What is White hat SEO ????

White hat SEO

white hat seo
What is White hat SEO ???? 2

White hat SEO

It doesn’t matter if you are new to SEO or have been working as an expert for a long time, it is unlikely that you have not heard of white hat SEO.

White hat SEO refers to a set of site optimization techniques that comply with the rules and regulations of search engines, especially Google. White Hat SEO is a marketing strategy used by companies to optimize a website’s ranking on Google search engine results in pages or SERPs, according to search engine guidelines. Keep in mind that any SEO technique you use must be approved by Google,otherwise, it will fall into the category of black hat SEO.

In white hat SEO, you do the following:

Optimize your site for search engines according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

You optimize your site for users, not search engines.

You produce content that focuses on meeting the needs of the user.

Important steps to implement White Hat Seo methods:

-SEO strategy: What is your goal in the search results and how and in what ways do you want to achieve your goal?

-Research, analysis, and selection of target keywords: The use of keywords is still used in SEO, but the problem is where to start this seemingly simple process and where to reach.

-Creating content for the user: Finally, Google wants good and valuable content from us. But what exactly is good and valuable content and what are its characteristics? If we want to turn the words “good” and “valuable” into a series of practical and practical guides, what will we achieve?

-Internal SEO: What happens when a user enters your site? Does he get confused and leave the site because of unoriginal internal linking and incorrect structure, or does he like the internal structure of your site so much that he finds it difficult to close the site?

-Seo Technical: Have you ever seen a car move without an engine and its internal components? Your site also has a series of vital members that need your attention. How much do you really pay attention to the nutrition and health of these vital organs of your site?

-External link building: When several sites link to you, Google can trust your site more easily, but can any method of trust-building lead to Google’s trust?

What are the benefits of white hat SEO?

In white hat SEO, following Google’s best practices such as matching keywords with relevant landing pages, creating good content, and getting reliable backlinks will improve your ranking in search engine results.

What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO?

While white hat SEO involves techniques to improve user experience, black hat SEO involves manipulating Google’s algorithm to improve rankings. Simply put, if a tactic is designed to trick Google into thinking a site is providing more value to users than it actually is, it is deceptive and black-hat SEO.

If your content is what users want, Google will rank your page higher. This is why quality content is at the forefront of white-hat SEO techniques. Knowing the audience and optimizing your content with specific keywords for the audience is one of the important tactics to achieve greater user satisfaction.

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