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What is E-mail marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most useful marketing tools, especially for marketing.Using email tools and sending messages to target audiences to attract new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers is called email marketing. The content of your message may include advertising, functional content, attractive and different discounts, offers, etc. You can use email marketing at every stage of your strategy, such as branding and brand awareness, persuasion to buy, loyalty, customer retention, etc. Email usage has a very high capacity.

What is the difference between email advertising and email marketing?

Many of us use email marketing and email advertising as synonyms But email marketing is broader than email advertising.

In email advertising, you have a specific promotional message and want to email it to a large number of people. In such a situation, you may violate ethical principles and do so by purchasing an e-mail bank.But when we talk about email marketing, we mean long-term two-way communication with customers. This link is licensed by the Customer and operated by its licensors. Also, texting is more than just advertising.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

1- Good return on investment (ROI).

In today’s world, where many companies are not ready to spend and on the other hand, their hands are forced to spend a lot in the field of advertising, the problem of return on investment is very important.

The main advantage of email marketing is that if done professionally and correctly, it can be a very effective and efficient method. This method has a good conversion rate and is very cost-effective.Of course, you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area, which Intvips experts have both of them.

2- Fast and cheap

Email is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest marketing tools with a good ROI, but it is cost-effective and you can achieve amazing results with the right email list.

The professionals at Intvips provide you with this list easily.

3- Immediate Effectiveness

Just send an email to your target audience and see the impact within minutes of sending the message. For example, if you plan to hold an auction or special 24-hour sale, you can make the most of email.

For quick results, contact our consultants.

4- Personalized email

Not only as email senders, our experts customize your messages for better performance and conversion rates, but your recipients and subscribers also have the ability to choose what emails are sent to them.

5- Direct message sending

This method helps deliver the message directly and quickly to the intended audience; So not only do most of them open or wait for your email, but it also has a good conversion rate. Email list segmentation works best for businesses that have good customer experience.

6- Customer behavior analysis

Email marketing is one of the best tools to control and analyze customer and consumer behavior. Intvips experts will provide you with a list of audiences, which emails they opened, which messages interested them, which links they clicked, and which CTAs they responded to.

7- Content publishing platform

Email alone can be one of the best platforms for publishing content. Based on the content of the message, Intvips experts decide to send all or part of the email content to your audience and link them further. Finally, they can ask them to do what we mean with an interesting and actionable call to action.

Which companies use email marketing?

This tool is used by many businesses, especially those who have good information and interaction with their audience and know that their emails get opened and get good CTR. Also, this method works very well for businesses that don’t spend much on advertising and audience relations, as long as they can reach their target audience.

Email is also very useful for businesses that have a good customer retention plan.

What message is better to use in email marketing?

  1. Welcome new users

The first and easiest use of email is to welcome new users to your site or newsletter. and thank them for joining you You can also send partial access login information or other means of communication.

2- Information about a new product or service

If you are going to offer a new product or service soon, you can notify your audience in advance about this news using email.

3- Sending email newsletters

Many users are willing to give you their email in exchange for a free gift or regular and exclusive content. You can also use this opportunity well and strengthen and maintain your relationship with them.

4- Discounts and special offers

If you have discounts or special offers for a certain period of time or if you are running a special advertising campaign, you can use this method to inform your audience. It works very well to inform the audience. In addition, you can inform customers about the last chance to use these special conditions.

email marketing intvips

5- Sending purchase information

One of the most important times you can use email is to email receipts, invoices, and post-purchase information to customers. You can also send them the link of the downloadable files if needed.

6- Notification of events

Maybe it’s related to your business or a special event you’re attending. You can easily and quickly inform and invite your audience about the event using email.

No need to worry!!! Our experts are with you step by step.

Email Marketing Steps

Step 1: Create a strategy

The starting point of any type of marketing is to create the right strategy. By having a suitable strategy, you can proceed with your work with order and planning. Intvips experts will present you with the best strategy.

Step 2: Get an email list

You must have an email list to start a campaign. Our experts prepare this report and provide it to you.

Step 3: Choose the right service

This step is one of the most important steps to get ahead of your competitors.

Step 4: Email design

The design of the email and the registration form is one of the most important steps in the implementation of the campaign. Intvips experts design these emails in terms of content and visual appeal.

Step 5: Automate email sending

After the contact is registered, email settings can be set up so that emails with practical and useful content are sent to him.

Step 6: Data analysis

Intvips experts track and analyze your campaign results over time and report back to you.

a final word

Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective means of communication and advertising that continues to work well even in today’s digital marketing world with the emergence of new platforms . With the help of this method, you can permanently communicate well with your audience and customers, update them with the latest news, send useful and interesting content, and offer amazing offers to your customers.

The only important thing is that if you are not good in the field of email marketing, then you cannot achieve success.

A qualified professional with enough experience, knowledge, and skills can make you successful.

email marketing intvips
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