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Usually, in the topic of website optimization and SEO, methods such as paying attention to SEO keyword research, and writing meta descriptions and backlinks are mentioned. All of these techniques are important for improving your site’s ranking, but you shouldn’t rely on them alone. Other SEO methods are not categorized into internal SEO and external SEO. In this article, we examine what technical SEO is and what techniques it has.

What is technical SEO?

“Technical SEO” is a subset of SEO and is related to the behind-the-scenes elements that contribute to increasing natural (organic) traffic to your website. These elements include site architecture, mobile optimization, and page loading speed. This aspect of SEO may not get much attention, but you should know that technical SEO is very important.

The first step to improving technical SEO is to understand where you stand. For this, you need to check the performance of the website. The second step to improving technical SEO is planning to fix the problems you’ve identified in this review. In this article, we examine technical SEO techniques and their details. Intvips group has worked with many companies to meet their need.

What is the difference between technical SEO and internal and external SEO?

Many website optimization experts divide SEO into three different groups. These categories include internal SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO. In general, internal SEO is related to the content of pages, external SEO is related to the credibility and popularity of your pages in terms of other websites, and technical or technical SEO is related to elements such as website structure and page loading speed.

As we said, technical or technical SEO refers to the optimization of the technical aspects of the website to improve its ranking in search engines. Improving website speed, simplifying website structure for “crawling” and making it understandable for search engines are one of the main and very important parts of technical SEO. It can be said that technical SEO is a part of internal SEO because it is used to improve elements within the website to get better rankings in search engines.

Intvips experts with more than 10 years of experience are here to help you step by step.

What is the importance of technical SEO?

You may be tempted to ignore this part of SEO altogether and skip it, but you should know that technical SEO plays a very important role in increasing website traffic. Sometimes your content is perfect and useful, but search engines can’t understand it. As a result, this content is shown to very few people. Without considering technical SEO criteria, search engines cannot understand your content well but Intvips experts help you to improve your site so search engines will find your content much easier.

Google and other search engines want to provide the best results available for user queries. Therefore, the bots of these search engines try to rank websites based on certain criteria. Intvips company helps you to have the best content for search engines.  As we said, paying attention to improving technical SEO can help improve your ranking, and the opposite is also true. If your website has serious technical issues, search engines may block your website from indexing altogether.

But technical SEO doesn’t just help search engines. Websites should be fast, clean, and easy to use to satisfy users. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic principles of SEO both to simplify the work of search engines and to satisfy users. Intvips experts grow up your ranking and viewers with technical SEO.

Technical SEO checklist

Technical SEO is a bit complicated and you need to pay attention to a lot of details. In the rest of this article, you will read more about technical SEO details. But in general, it can be said that the following eight points are the characteristics of technically optimized websites.

  • High speed

Page loading speed should be high. Users in today’s age usually don’t have much patience and don’t want to wait for a long time for a page to open. A 2016 study found that more than 50% of mobile website users abandon pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. if your pages aren’t loading fast, you’re losing a lot of traffic.

So if you want to not lose your users, contact Intvips experts right now. Intvips company will grow up your site speed and viewers.

Technical SEO Intvips
  • Ability to creep or crawl

Search engines use bots to crawl and retrieve information from websites. Intvips group uses many methods to improve this capability. For example, our experts limit the crawling of certain content, or crawled pages are not displayed in search result pages or do not follow page links. Also, using internal links, Intvips experts help the robots to better understand the content of the pages.

  • No broken links

Opening pages that don’t exist can annoy or annoy users. If there is a broken or missing link on your site, people will get a 404 error. This issue can have a very bad effect on the user experience of the audience. In addition, search engines also do not like to find pages with this error. In general, most websites have several broken links because they are constantly changing. But Intvips group can fix these errors and reduce the number of broken links by using different tools. For example, our experts solve this problem with “Redirect” and transferring broken and old links with new pages.

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  • No copied content

Duplicate content, whether it’s on your website or copied from other websites, confuses search engines. When faced with these types of pages, search engines do not know which page to rank higher. As a result, they may show pages with similar content lower than other pages.

 Sometimes you may have duplicate content without knowing it. For example, the same content may be displayed with two different URLs due to technical problems. This content does not affect the user experience of the audience, but search engines will notice it and penalize you. Fortunately, the Intvips team can fix this problem by using “Canonical” tags. Canonical tags represent the main page of content to search engines.

  • security

Technically optimized websites should be secure. Paying attention to the security of the website means respecting the privacy of the users. Intvips group does a lot of things to secure its website and using HTTPS is one of the most important actions of our group to create security.

Using HTTPS ensures that no one can get hold of the data exchanged between the website and the browser. For example, if people log into their user accounts on your website, their user information will be saved. You must have an SSL certificate to run HTTPS on your website.


  • Having structured data

Structured data helps search engines better understand your content and business. Using this structured data can help search engines know what product you sell or what kind of content you put on your website. In addition, it is possible to provide details of content and products in this way. Since this data has a specific format, when you provide the necessary information to the search engine, the search engines can easily find and understand it. By using this topic, Intvips experts will help your content to be seen more and get the necessary conditions to be displayed in the form of a “Rich Result”.

  • Having an XML sitemap

An XML Sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. This index shows the road map of your website to the search engines and by using it you can make sure that the search engines do not miss any part of your important content on the site. An XML sitemap typically includes your posts, pages, tags, and other types of posts in a categorized format, including the number of images and the last modified date for each page. Ideally, websites should not need an XML sitemap. If a website has an efficient internal link structure that links all the content well, the bots will not need a sitemap anymore. But sites don’t always have the best structure, and having an XML sitemap can help them.

  • Using the hreflang tag on international websites

If your website operates in multiple countries with different languages, search engines will need a little help understanding the destination country and language. Intvips experts help search engines understand the difference between different languages ​​and countries so that the content of the website is displayed in the right language for the audience in each geographical region. Intvips experts do this by using hreflang tags. These tags allow defining pages for different countries and languages. This topic sometimes helps you to solve the problem of copy content. For example, if you have a website that operates in other countries, for example, America and Spain, and for both regions, it shows the same content in English, Google realizes that this content is not a copy and is assigned to different geographical regions.

Different parts of technical SEO

As we said, technical SEO is very complex and can be divided into smaller parts for simplicity. We can divide all technical SEO into the following five parts:

  1. “Crawlability”
  2. “Indexability”
  3. “Accessibility” or “rendering” ability
  4. “Rankability”
  5. “Clickability”

Technical SEO principles

Before starting to review the website in terms of technical SEO, you should keep some basic points in mind. Before explaining the details of optimization in each area of ​​technical SEO, let’s review these basic principles.

  • Check the desired domain

“Domain” is the URL of the website that users type in their browser to reach you. The domain shows how users can find a website through search and is a consistent way to identify the website.

  • SSL implementation

As we said, SSL implementation is very important. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) creates a layer of protection between the web server (the software responsible for making online requests) and the browser and makes your website secure, which Intvips experts can easily do for you.

  • Improved page loading speed

As mentioned above, users usually don’t wait long for a page to load. Data shows that the “bounce rate” increases by about 90% as the page load time increases from one to five seconds. But page loading speed is not only important for users and user experience, and search engines also use it as one of the ranking criteria. Therefore, improving your page loading speed is one of the priorities of our technical SEO group.

Some of the methods that Intvips SEO technical experts use to increase page speed:

  • Compress all files
  • Continuous reviewing of redirects
  • Sorting codes
  • using CDN
  • Checking plugins
  • Asymmetric loading


Technical SEO is related to the behind-the-scenes elements that contribute to increasing website traffic. Most of the time, internal and external SEO techniques are mentioned before technical SEO, and even technical SEO techniques may be ignored, but you should know that technical SEO is also very important in getting top ranks in search engine results and providing the best content to the audience. When optimizing a website for search engines, you should pay attention to all parts of internal SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO to get the best results.

Technical SEO Intvips

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