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Search Engine Marketing

Achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Short for Search Engine Marketing, SEM is a great way for small businesses to raise capital, increase revenue, and lower customer acquisition costs. SEM is a real way to increase site traffic that is done through payment.

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing (marketing through search engines), in a simple definition, we can say that it refers to all the activities and strategies that are used to increase visitors, rank and ranking, and especially income.

What actions do Intvips experts perform in SEM for customers?

Consulting in choosing the name of the site and its design

Selection of keywords

Checking the current status of the site and its competitors

Modification of the site structure

Setting meta and site titles

Optimizing other site parameters

Intvips actions

Introducing the site to search engines

Presence in social networks

Advertising on social networks

Increasing site popularity and links and managing these processes

Check backlinks and manage them

Interaction with related sites and their administrators

Internet advertising, email marketing

Site statistics analysis


Maintaining the growing trend of site statistics

Raising the ranks(control the ranks and apply the required changes)

Choosing search engines to invest in

Optimization of news and press release

Remember that no SEM strategy will succeed without proper SEO. Considering that SEO means preparing the site for both visitors and search engines, it may be enough for a site alone. However, if you have enough financial power for SEM, you should first leave the SEO of the site to Intvips experts.

How can SEM help your business?

This term means a special type of marketing by search engines that is done through payment. One of the most well-known types of search engine marketing is Google click ads or AdWords, but advertising on Bing and Yahoo search engines can also be useful for you.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) leverages the power of search engines like Google to reach potential customers for your business at the best possible time and place. You probably know SEM by different names:






What are search engine marketing methods?

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising:

This method will cost you per user click. This method is one of the most expensive methods in SEM and has many fans in the Intvips company. The implementation of this method is that you determine your desired budget for advertisement and keywords, then the money is deducted from your account for the visitors of your site through clicks. For example, for the term “home service”, the cost may be around $2, and you should set your budget based on this rate.

CPC cost-per-click ads:

This method is very similar to PPC, which stands for Cost Per Click, and is used for banner ads. This payment method pays a fee for the number of clicks on each banner.

CPM Cost per Mille:

Sometimes you can consider a bigger number as your goal, for example, order a thousand clicks for a banner to the owners of advertising sites. In this case, you have used the Cost Per Mille method among the SEM methods for advertising. You must have seen the widely used example of this method in the advertisements of social networks, especially Instagram and Telegram. For example, Intvips experts will share your video on one of the popular Instagram user accounts and you can pay for every thousand views.

CPA Cash Per Action:

Imagine you are the owner of an application and you want to have about 3000 customers. You can prepare your contract based on the number of installations. It means that any number of installations will cost you. This method is called Cash Per Action, which is a performance-based advertising measure. This method is almost risk-free and will return your investment.

Intvips consultants will provide you with the necessary details

CTR Click-Through-Rate:

In this method, the number of users visiting the site is divided by the number of clicks on an ad, and an amount is paid for each click. This method is widely used and shows the success rate of advertising campaigns. For example, if a promotional video is viewed 100 times and one person clicks on it, the click rate is 1%. In fact, every time your video is viewed, the impression of your video increases, but the click rate is different from the impression.

In fact, Intvips experts use CTR to determine how much internet users have been attracted to your website content and clicked on them.


Difference between CPC and PPC

It is very difficult to distinguish between these two methods; they are often used interchangeably. When you plan to launch a digital advertising campaign, if you pay based on the number of clicks on keywords, banners, etc., your payment method will be PPC; But if you pay different advertisers different fees for different keywords, each click costs a different fee, this method is called CPC. PPC is the paid performance in an advertising campaign and CPC is a measure of the cost per click in your advertising campaign.

Why do Intvips experts recommend the SEM method?

  1. It has low cost and high efficiency
  2. The customer can find the desired product in the shortest possible time
  3. It increases your brand awareness in the virtual space
  4. It is a form of international marketing and it is up-to-date
  5. Compared to SEO, it gives results sooner and you don’t have to wait for several months
  6. For newly launched businesses, the most reliable way is to spend on advertising
why intvips

Some problems of Intvips clients who used the SEM method without sufficient experience and knowledge before consulting:

  1. It may increase your visits but not increase orders or purchases from your site
  2. If your site is not ready to provide sufficient and useful information to visitors, you will lose a lot of customers.
  3. The effectiveness of SEM is short-term and not a long-term approach

What is the difference between social media marketing and search engine marketing?

In social network advertising, ads are usually shown to the user based on the information that the company that owns the social network has collected from the user’s interests. This feature allows businesses to display their ads based on users’ interests, locations, and behavior. But search engine marketing is based on keywords, and users are exposed to advertisements based on their searches in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Google's criteria for introducing your website are:

The loading speed of your website

The amount of daily site traffic

The number of users visiting your website

The length of time users stays on your site



The validity of external links 

google intvips

The number of clicks on your site link



The number of visits to internal pages

Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) an economical way to advertise?

Many people are confused between SEO and SEM and don’t know which one to invest in. Based on the experience of Intvips colleagues, we assure you that none of them has priority over the other.

Experienced experts of Intvips are with customers from the beginning to the end to guide you in every step. The goal of Intvips consultants is only one thing: the most profit in the shortest time.

Success is guaranteed at Intvips

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