Backlinks & reportage

Backlinks & reportage

Backlinks & reportage

Google ranking and site SEO optimization are one of the most important challenges to increasing visits to various sites. One of the factors that increase Google’s trust in a site and get a better ranking in search results is receiving valid links from other sites. Ad reporting and backlinks are one of the most important and common ways to get links from other sites. But what is the difference between reportage and backlink? Backlinks and reports are one of the ways to grow SEO, but they are not everything!

In order to answer these questions, it is better to first get to know more about ad reporting and backlinks.


Reportage is an old and successful advertising strategy that was used in newspapers and magazines even before the web. The basis of advertisement reporting is based on introducing services or products and attracting potential customers. In this method, you ask a more visited website that is active in the field of news and issues related to your field of work to prepare a complete description of your website’s services and products in the form of a non-advertising report.

This report usually points to your desired website and pages with several links. In this way, in addition to advertising your products and services, you have also created a number of quality links for your website. In this situation, you will find more visitors to your site and improve your site’s SEO.


Backlinks are one of the most important elements of SEO for any site. Google believes that websites with quality backlinks have more valuable content and will place them at the top of its search results. Because of this, it is very important that today, getting reliable and quality backlinks has become one of the main concerns of webmasters and owners of reliable sites.

The best way to get backlinks is to write appropriate, attractive, authoritative, and authoritative content. Although this method is a safe way of working, but usually you have to spend a long time introducing yourself to other sites and get backlinks from them. For this reason, many people try to get links from sites active in their field by ordering advertisements in the form of backlinks (buying backlinks).

Pay attention to this point, Google will only pay attention to the backlinks that are normally and naturally published by users on different sites, and it will intelligently recognize the sites that have bought backlinks. This type of purchased backlinks will not affect your ranking.

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Nature of the link:

You probably know that the nature of links or web pages in general is a markup language called HTML. In this language, a tag is specified for each page element.

You can view the link in two ways in your browser.

  • Right-click on the browser page and select View Page Source. Now press ctrl+F and you can search and find the desired link or text
  • Right-click on the desired link and click inspect in the Chrome browser (other browsers also support the possibility of inspecting).

In these two methods, the codes have one difference:

In first, the HTML codes are shown before the JavaScript codes are compiled.But in the second method, the html codes are displayed in the browser after the javascript codes are executed.Therefore, it is better to display the relevant link in both source codes. In fact, for your backlink to be indexed as well as possible, it is better if this link is statically available in the HTML codes (the first method) and is correctly displayed and working on the page.

What are the features of reportage?

– By ordering an ad report once, the written report will remain on the desired site forever and can bring you, visitors, for a long time. In addition, the links in the advertisement report are considered permanent backlinks.

– reportage allows you to provide specific and complete descriptions of your site, products, and services and use a few keywords related to different pages of your website as backlinks.

– The links made in the reportage are only on the same page of the report on the target site and are only seen by visitors when they have entered this page of the target site.

– If the budget is very important to you, reportage is the right way, because you only have to pay for advertising once and then you will not need to renew it again.


The more relevant the content of your report is to the destination pages, the better impact you will get.

The more attractive content you provide for the ad report, the lower the bounce rate of the report page.

The more persuasive your report text is, the more likely your backlinks will be clicked.

And finally, the more clicks on your links, the more powerful your backlink or report will be.

Backlinks reportage 2

Types of backlinks

Backlinks can be classified into two types of backlinks: 1- Follow backlinksĀ  2- nofollow backlinks

Every link is inherently followed, which means that search engines or robots check this link and the credibility of the page is transferred through this link. But when a link changes this feature to nofollow, it actually Robots declares that no credit has been transferred from your page to the target site.

How to check the quality and strength of received backlinks?

When you get backlinks from strong sites, your site will rise in Google results. A site that has several thousand indexes in Google, you will actually find backlinks from all these pages.

The difference between reporting and backlinks:

-A report is a content production about our topic and inserting a link with a keyword in that article, but the backlink is just inserting a link with a keyword in the sidebar and footer of the media.

– The price of a report is generally higher than the price of a backlink due to content production and better impact.

-Because the backlink is inserted in the sidebar and footer, it can get links from several pages of that media, but the report only affects the page where the link is inserted.

Backlinks & reportage

– reportage gives you the possibility of exclusive and complete descriptions of the site, products and services, and you can get backlinks from several keywords related to different pages of your website, if only one keyword of your site is linked in the backlink.

-If the budget is important for you, reportage is considered a suitable option because it is paid once, but you have to rent the backlink for every month.

-By using reportage, you achieved two goals: you introduced your business on a reputable and popular site, and the backlink you received in this way is useful for your site’s ranking in Google…

reportage or backlink, which one is more suitable?

Both of these methods increase visits and the number of links to your site. But the difference between ad reporting and backlinks becomes clear when you first determine your advertising strategy. If you have a good financial budget, it is suggested that you use the methods of advertising, reporting, and creating appropriate content (which will lead to receiving backlinks naturally) together.

If you are considering a short-term strategy with a lower cost, you can take advantage of ad reporting. You should also pay attention to the fact that although producing the right amount of content can be more expensive than advertising reporting, by preparing several quality articles for your site, you will have a chance to get backlinks for several pages. Actually, the difference between an advertisement report and a backlink depends on your time and budget. Each of the ad reporting and content creation advertising strategies for getting backlinks has many positive features and it depends on you which features you want to use more.

Using any of the ad reporting and natural backlink methods requires accurate identification of your advertising goals. Intvips specialists provide the best solution by examining the conditions of the customers.

Backlinks & reportage
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