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link building

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Link Building

Intvips experts intend to introduce to you, dear users, link-building training and the importance of link building as well as its various branches. One of the most important factors in SEO that can have a great impact on the site’s ranking is links and backlinks. You may have a question, what is a link?

A link means a chain that can connect one page to another page, and by clicking on it, the user can go from one page to another page, and these links can be internal and external, and the links You must be with us in a principled way to deal with all the branches of link building and its training.

What is internal linking or internal link?

If you are not familiar with the concept of an internal link, I must tell you that an internal link is a link that connects one page of your website to another page of the website. By doing this, our experts will create internal links on the pages of your site.Both users and search engines use links to find your website content. If there is no link to new content, search engines will not see that page.Of course, only the links inside the content are not counted as internal links. There are several types of internal links. Intvips experts add the links on the main page, menu, post, etc. to your content.We call them text links. Text links direct your users to interesting and relevant content.

Types of internal links

Structural links: These links are in your menus and categories and form the main structure of your site. Structural links are usually located in the top menu or sidebar and represent product categories, services, or main content topics.

These links both help the user easily find what they want and spread credit between pages.

Footer Link: Footer links are a kind of guiding link that is shown at the bottom of your site and are there permanently when you open any page of your website. These links are pages of the site that the user may want to visit. For example, contact us, about us, FAQ, and other reference pages! Links: These links are usually placed in the content of the page and instead of directing users to larger pages, they direct them to related content. Blog posts often include text links to direct readers to related content and help Google understand how your site’s pages are related.

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Why is internal linking important?

Before you think about the importance of internal linking for SEO, you should know that internal linking is first and foremost about creating a good user experience. When the user enters content, he should be able to find related content, if something needs further explanation, a link should be given so that the user can get more information. It creates a path for the user to get what he wants. That is why the links should be placed correctly and in the right place because if they are not useful to the user, their impact on SEO will also decrease.

What effect does internal linking have on website SEO?

Internal linking is one of the most valuable SEO tools. Maybe you ask us why? The answer is simple because it helps your site’s SEO. Internal link building is one such simple method that can make a big difference in your website’s ranking. Note that internal linking does not mean bypassing Google’s rules, but it is a very simple way to improve the site’s SEO status. Our experts had a lot of experience in this field, and the result has been satisfactory for users.

Benefits of link building

1.Building internal links help the website to be indexed

Although websites today have sitemaps that list the URLs of your site’s pages, it can still take a long time for search engines to reach these pages. By building internal links to newly published pages, you can provide search engines with more ways to access that content.

2.Internal link building transfers the credit to internal pages

With internal linking, in addition to understanding the relationship between content, Google distributes the link value among all the links on a web page. Usually, the home page of a website has the most link value because it has the most backlinks.

3.Internal linking leads users to purchase

Building internal links on the website is indeed effective in the SEO of the site, but ultimately the goal is to attract users. Internal linking may not directly convert users into customers, but it has a very positive impact on the marketing funnel and leads customers to the final destination.

4.With internal linking, the time the user stays on the site increases

When a user opens your internal links and reads different content on your site, two important things happen. The time the user stays on the site increases and the bounce rate decreases, both of which are effective factors in Google ranking.

link building

5.Bring site traffic to your new content

Intvips experts link your previous and popular content to new content to transfer part of the traffic from that page to the new page. At the same time, credits are collected for the new page.

Internal link vs external link

All sites and online stores include internal and external links. Internal links connect the pages and posts of your site and external links connect your pages to other websites.

External linking

Another branch of link building is external link building. In this type of link building, a page and a site that is outside your site are given a link, that is, a link is established between your site and your site on one of the pages of your site. It guides the users of your site to your site, which is called external linking.External links are links that point to any other domain other than the main domain that you are on. In simpler terms, we should say when other domains include your site link on all their pages or when you intend to link to another site, this action is considered an external link.External links help to improve the ranking external links are the most important factor to get a top rank in search engine results and make Google understand the quality and popularity of pages well.

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Criteria for external links:

  • Write the main keywords in the link
  • The credibility and reliability of the domain linked to the site
  • The number of domains that are linked to your site from outside
  • The credibility and quality of linked pages
  • Linking to other sites
  • The anchor text written in the links
  • Ownership relationship between source and target domains
  • Consistency and relevance of written content between source pages and destination pages

External links can only be attractive and useful for your audience and will not be of any benefit to your site. If you link to other sites too much, this is not good for SEO because you are directing your traffic to other sites. And you make the SEO of that site stronger and it harms your site’s SEO.

Of course, our experts do this carefully so that the attractiveness of your site increases with external links and at the same time the traffic of your site increases.

The result of linking

In general, we want to conclude that link building is one of the most important trends in SEO, or in some way, SEO does not take place without link building, and the issue of backlinks is vital in it. Here we have mentioned all the necessary things in link building. We hope that you Use the services of Intvips experts on your site.


link building

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