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SEO is not only a general solution to increase your site traffic, but if you are smart, you can find customers and increase your sales with the help of SEO. many customers are looking for local businesses every day and more than 80 percent of prospects need digital capabilities to facilitate brand transactions. If you have a local business that depends on a physical location, local SEO can help you a lot. A method that will expose you to users from your geographic area. Intvips experts are ready to help you with Local SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

In local SEO, Google detects the user’s location using her/his IP for the user’s search result and presents the results accordingly. For example, if we search for the best clinic, Google will offer us the closest result according to our location. This helps businesses present their products and services to local customers who are searching. Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on boosting a brand’s searchability on a national or global scale, local search engine optimization targets “near me” and geo-specific search queries. Intvips group suggests local SEO because it’s a great opportunity for local businesses to optimize their site for local keywords.

Currently, it is not necessary to add a location to the search, as Google will automatically display results based on your location. It should be kept in mind that recently Google pays special attention to local search and displaying the best and closest results to its users; Therefore, businesses, especially businesses related to a specific geographical location, should pay special attention to local SEO.

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Why is local SEO important?

More people than ever are looking for local results in search engines. Search engines have replaced phone books and yellow pages. Also, Google and other search results pay more attention to local searches.

If you search for something on Google, it will return results that are related to a specific location based on the user’s IP address. If you include a specific city or region in your search, Google will narrow down its search and search for specific locations. Local SEO can do a lot for your business and can impact your rankings.

benefits of local SEO:

Optimized Google My Business listing

Credible online reputation

Stronger local community outreach

More traffic

Increased sales revenue

More targeted website traffic

Repeat business from loyal customers


High-authority local business citations

Multi-channel local digital marketing campaigns

Reduced advertising costs

Higher local SEO ranking

Increased trustworthiness and market authority

Enhanced Google Maps visibility

More phone calls and site inquiries from prospective costumers

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Local SEO optimization methods

You don’t need to do any extra work for local SEO optimization. You just have to use the same methods you used to optimize the site, now with a little more precision for local terms:

1.Keyword research

Keyword research can be considered the most important part of local SEO. If you’ve correctly guessed the terms that users in your geographic area are searching for businesses like yours, you’ve done a lot of work.

To find these words and phrases in the first step, you must think carefully or ask experts.

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2.Register the location on Google Maps

Before dealing with this step, it is necessary to mention that it is more important to register the location in Google My Business service than to register it in Google Maps. You must record the exact location of your business along with information such as contact number, opening and closing times, along with pictures of the location.

3.Different sites of your business

mentioning your business name, address, and phone number on different sites can help a lot in local SEO. The more citations there are for your business, especially among local sites, the easier it is for Google to identify it. Try entering your business information into address, requirements, and business category sites to generate citations. Also, services created to find jobs will help you in this field. For example, if you own a hotel, be sure to register your hotel in accommodation search services.

4.Internal SEO for local keywords

To do internal SEO for local keywords, it is necessary to pay special attention to some points. First, you need to optimize the site structure for local SEO, this means that you need to create a separate landing page for each of the geographical locations in which you operate and optimize it for the local term of that location. For example, if you have a restaurant with several branches in different cities, you should create a landing page for each of the phrases restaurants in London or restaurants in… and optimize it for the desired phrase.

As the experience of Intvips experts, this option is more valuable and you can trust us to help you .

5.External SEO

Intvips experts, for your site’s external SEO activities, focus on your link building on local keywords, so they choose anchor texts from local keywords to get more links from local sites.

Here are more reasons from Intvips experts to join Google My Business optimization in your local SEO marketing efforts:

Gain customer trust

Google My Business Optimization

Drive qualified leads and traffic

Build brand recognition

Post important news and updates

Provide accurate business information

Drive customer engagement

Boost your online credibility

Manage your reputation

Tap into potential revenue

Get targeted exposure


Local SEO Tips from Intvips experts

1.Make your site mobile friendly

Before you optimize your site for local SEO, make sure it displays well for mobile devices. Because most local searches are done using mobile phones. As a result, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you will not get any benefit from local SEO.

2.Pay attention to customer reviews

In local SEO, you should also invest in reviews and reviews. Nowadays, after searching for businesses, Internet users pay attention to the opinions of other users to choose them. Therefore, positive comments and reviews from your customers on the Internet can help a lot to increase your site’s entry. Feedback sites, comments on your site, and Google Maps’s comments section will help you in this regard.

3.Don’t forget the other parts of SEO

No matter how local your business is, you shouldn’t just focus on local SEO and neglect optimizing your site for other keywords. Note that what makes your brand famous and your site popular is practical and useful content. If users get useful content after entering your site, they will interact with it. Otherwise, they will leave it quickly.


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