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Nowadays, advertisements in social media are expanding rapidly and create opportunities and threats for organizations. It is very important to use new communication tools in companies to create better opportunities in front of competitors. Social media marketing is one of the new and growing tools in the advertising stream.

Social media is a powerful tool for interacting with customers at lower costs and allows companies to communicate with end customers directly and in a timely manner, with high efficiency compared to traditional communication tools. The lack of attention to social media in Iran has made it difficult for marketers to better understand consumer needs, and they have to use traditional methods to know their contacts and consumers, which are costly and time-consuming.

In addition to broadcasting news and educational programs, communication tools also carry out political and commercial advertisements, and in most cases, this type of advertisement overshadows communication tools. In other words, communication tools are practically used as advertising tools. There is no doubt that the means of communication play the role of advertising according to the wishes and needs of the public.

Marketing practices in social media

 Adoption of communication methods such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, personal blogs and websites, as well as mobile phone messaging applications, expand online messaging. Hence, it enables marketers to reach new markets in a way that is much different from traditional advertising channels.

Today, there are various types of communication including voice calls, text messages, multimedia messages, e-mails, and instant messages, with the rapid development of data networks such as (Wi-Fi, and 4G) and the use of digital devices (such as smartphones, watches such communications have expanded rapidly.

In the following, we will explain to you what are the goals of various businesses in advertising, what are the advantages of these advertising methods.

What is the purpose of advertising on social networks?

Before you start advertising, you must first have proper targeting. Your goals determine how you communicate with your audience. Goals help you measure the performance of your ads, choose the best social network, and set accurate metrics. In the following, we discuss the goals of social media advertising and its importance for different businesses:

1.brand awareness

According to studies, each person spends an average of 2 hours on social networks; Therefore, one of the goals you can have is to increase the audience’s awareness of the brand, and social media provides you with an excellent opportunity to create such advertising campaigns.

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2.Increase website traffic

According to research, 3 out of 5 marketing professionals use social networks to distribute content with the aim of increasing website traffic. So, with this type of targeting in the long term, Intvips experts will increase your visits and create backlinks.

3.Attracting new interested customers (Lead)

Attracting new potential customers requires the correct implementation of the sales process. Interested customers are in the upper part of the sales funnel, and attracting new customers has become one of the goals of different companies today. Downloading paid content, registration, participation, and user activity are among the methods that Intvips experts use to attract customers.

4.product introduction

One of the most common purposes for businesses to advertise on a social network is to introduce products. This product can be newly launched or already exist. You can see an example of this type of advertisement in Samsung company, which takes help from advertisements on social media to introduce each product.

Social media advertising - Intvips-

5.product introduction

One of the most common purposes for businesses to advertise on a social network is to introduce products. This product can be newly launched or already exist. You can see an example of this type of advertisement in Samsung company, which takes help from advertisements on social media to introduce each product.

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6.Differentiate from competitors

Another goal of advertising in social media is to differentiate from competitors. Different companies use advertising in a clever way to prove to customers that they are superior to their competitors. For example, Intvips experts talk about your commitments and guarantees instead of introducing the features of your product. This type of targeting will ultimately lead to better brand recognition and customers will prefer your brand over competitors.


It is interesting to know that one of the main goals is continuous advertising on social media and the supply of new products and services along with specifying the features and facilities of your products in order to leave a role in the user’s mind and always be in front of client’s eyes.

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8.sales increase

Although the purpose of advertising in social networks is very large; one thing is common among all these goals, and that is nothing but increasing sales and business expansion, which must be achieved in a certain period of time. Of course, depending on the type of product and the time of peak sales, a suitable timing is considered to increase sales.

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Advantages of advertising in social networks compared to offline advertising:

1.Wide range of audiences and the possibility of reaching specific audiences

One of the great advantages of social networks is that different businesses can reach a large population of internal and external audiences at any time and place. In addition, in this type of advertising, you can target a group of audiences that are related to your business, and this is a great advantage to being able to reach your target audience easily.

2.Easier promotion of products and services

Different companies can easily spread information about their products or services by advertising on social networks, talking about the benefits and key features, and maneuvering them. On the other hand, the introduction of products and services in the form of posts on social networks remains forever and new audiences can access them at any time. While offline ads have a limited duration and are not permanent.

3.A great opportunity to get customer information

Offline advertisements such as videos or content published on TV, radio, or on billboards create interaction with the audience; But it is not possible to get their contact information or email address. While receiving this information is possible with online advertisements.

4.The possibility of evaluation in social media advertising

When companies advertise on social media, they can analyze the processes carried out, check their success rate in reaching the set goals, and use them in subsequent decisions to get better results.

5.Targeting a certain audience

Promotions that are done on radio, television, billboards, catalogs, subways, etc. are displayed for all people; But in social networks, companies can target only a part of the audience they need, based on available data and different techniques. be economical

It is obvious that online advertising is more cost-effective, but this does not mean it is cheap. In general, various companies choose advertising on social networks to reduce costs and the wide benefits that we have explained. The reason is that compared to offline advertising, you can create a good return on investment by influencing the audience in a targeted manner.

Some effective tools for advertising in social networks:


With over 1.6 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media platform for businesses. This social media is perfectly suitable for store businesses and it is possible to present advertisements in the form of images, video, slideshow, full screen on mobile, etc.

Social media advertising Intvips
Social media advertising Intvips


Instagram has become very popular with retail businesses because of its predominantly visual nature. It also has about 500 million online users daily. On Instagram, advertisement content can be seen in the form of images, videos, or carousels. Advertisement of businesses on Instagram is displayed in story, post, and feed. The advantage of this social media is that its engagement rate is up to 58% higher than Facebook and the age range of the audience is mainly between 18 and 34 years old.


YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and the largest video search engine in the world. People around the world watch billions of hours of video every day; So for video promotion, YouTube is the best platform. For advertising on YouTube, you can also get help from Google Ads. Advertisements on YouTube are displayed in three ways:

  TrueView: Videos that are shown before the selected video starts.

 Unskippable: exactly the same as the previous type, but it is not possible to reject the ad.

 Bumper: short 6-second videos that play at the end of the video.

Social media advertising Intvips
Social media advertising Intvips linkedin


B2B businesses provide links for advertising and promotional activities, new products or services, and more. In fact, LinkedIn is a place for professional activities in various work fields, and companies can sell their products to those who are involved in organizational decisions.

What tips do we follow to run your ad on social networks?

  1. We change the tone and style of the message according to the audience of each type of social media
  2. We use customized graphic elements
  3. We produce unique content
  4. We simplify the transmission of the concept and message

Why Intvips for your ads?

Intvips experts are professionals in various fields of social media advertising and SEO and SEM and provide the best quality for users in the shortest possible time.

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