Amazon and SEO

amazon seo

Amazon and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines through unethical methods. They are created to help improve the visibility and relevance of websites in organic search results.SEO can be thought of as a set of techniques for the strategic modification of websites. This process describes the most important factors related to the page and increases its importance on the search results page.

Amazon earns about $4,722 per second or about $17 million per hour. The retail giant ended last year with net sales of $469.8 billion, up 22 percent from 2020.Because of this, sellers want to be a part of the business and it can be difficult to rank your product on the Amazon results page.How can sellers stand out among the competition on Amazon? Find out in this comprehensive guide to doing your own Amazon SEO!

what is Amazon SEO?

This includes making our products more visible than our competitors, so shoppers find us more often.When people search for products on Amazon, they are more likely to find your products if their search terms match your keywords. This creates a challenge because you have to use keywords that your target audience uses to find content like yours.

How does Amazon SEO work?

Before diving into our Amazon SEO tips, it’s important to understand how Amazon ranks results. People search differently on Amazon than they do on Google, so it’s a bit of a learning curve.

how much do you know about Amazon SEO?

Factors Amazon considers when ranking includes:

Good customer feedback (better products sell more and make more money for Amazon).

Historical sales.

Relevant keywords are included in the product listing.

Fair price (not too high, not too low depending on the competition).

A9 algorithm

The A9 algorithm is the system Amazon uses to determine how products rank in search results. This is similar to the algorithm Google uses for its search results

However, there is one major difference between Google’s and Amazon’s algorithms: the A9 algorithm also focuses heavily on sales conversions. This is because Amazon is a business and has a vested interest in promoting listings that are most likely to result in sales. Therefore, Amazon will value auctions with long sales history and high conversion rates.

how much do you know about Amazon SEO?

Things to think about when optimizing your Amazon listing include:

Need more photos?

What should you put in the title?

At what price should you sell?

Essentially there are three things you need to optimize for:





Product Listing Optimization

1. Optimize your Amazon listing title.

your title should contain elements such as:


Product line.

Material or key feature.

Product type.




In Amazon SEO, keyword research has some similar characteristics to traditional SEO, but with a few buyer-focused attributes. But the Intvips can do it as well as possible.

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2.Optimize product bullets

Basically, any keywords used in the title from the master list you compiled earlier. It should be implemented in bullet points.

3.Create product descriptions that tell a story.

One of the principles of customer orientation is that they have enough information about the product they want to buy. At this stage, adequate and accurate information should be provided to the customer and at the same time it should be concise. Intvips experts will help you provide the necessary description related to the product or service so that both customers are satisfied, it is short and SEO friendly.

4.Use internal search terms.

Simply separate the terms with a space. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to duplicate keywords in your listing.

Once an item is typed into the title, bullet points, description, or backend search terms, you don’t need to repeat it. In fact, there are many tips at this stage that the Intvips team will help.


Don’t worry about that. Selection is mentioned as one of the ranking factors and it’s a long story ….

Amazon Keyword Research:

Just like Google, Amazon‘s SEO strategy should be built around keyword research.

If you don’t have the right keywords in your rankings, your results will look useless and won’t show up to users.

As mentioned above, keywords are one of the most important things that Amazon looks for in search queries to determine the relevance and index to the product list. Therefore, it is very important to include important words and keywords as part of your list.

How to Integrate Keywords?Leave it to Intvips.

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Amazon Product Pictures:

In any article about Amazon SEO, we must talk about product images.

Whether you’re selling on your own website or through Amazon, the right images can make or break you.People are there to buy your product, but your content goes a long way.You can paint the vinyl tile however you want.You can talk about its colors, its appearance, and its characteristics.But it doesn’t matter if no one sees the content! Amazon these days gives customers close access to product images, so quality is very important here.This is why product images are so important, not just any image, but also high-resolution images.It’s worth noting that Amazon doesn’t rank you based on the quality of your photos.Make sure your photos show every detail because photos can be powerful

In fact, the Intvips group helps you to choose and upload the best-quality images

The Role Of Sales Conversions

Achieving a high sales conversion rate is an important part of any strategy to rank high in Amazon’s algorithm, as well as the overall success of your business strategy. As discussed, the sales conversion rate is one of the important factors that Amazon looks for to determine the high-ranking products, as these are the listings that may bring them income. Therefore, increasing your sales conversion will bring more traffic to your listing through higher rankings, which is definitely good for your business!

Monitor performance and ratings

Once you have created a product list that is optimized for keywords and sales conversions it doesn’t end there. It is important to regularly check the performance of your listings. To see how it ranks and make necessary adjustments or improvements.

Intvips experts will do it for you. We prepare a complete report and discuss with you the various factors that have resulted in improvement or loss.

amazon seo
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