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What are Digital Marketing and SEO?

SEO and digital marketing

 SEO means site optimization for search engines. SEO and digital marketing are important and integral parts, and is a process by which a website is optimized for better visibility; to have better results and rankings in related searches. SEO means that your site will be on the first page of Google, and many users will visit your website.


 Search Engine Optimization means site and content optimization for search engines. Search engines perform searches according to certain algorithms; These algorithms are constantly being updated and improved by Google. They also have very high artificial intelligence.

In simpler terms, SEO is the set of things you do on a website and its content to be compatible with search engine algorithms.

Digital Marketing

 It is called the set of activities that are done to promote the products and services of your website using digital tools. It is better to know that digital marketing is much better and bigger than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is not about buying and selling products and services, but for social interaction, news, and exposure to consumers.Don’t forget that digital marketing is not just limited to online businesses that have a website to sell products. Many traditional businesses also try to introduce their services to their customers through digital advertising.

The difference between SEO and Digital Marketing

One of the most common questions asked by Intvips users is about the difference between SEO and digital marketing. But in fact, there is no difference between SEO and digital marketing! Both have the same function and nature. But in a more detailed look, we should say that SEO of sites is considered a part of the digital marketing or electronic marketing process.

SEO is one of the digital marketing toolsThe first difference between SEO and digital marketing is that SEO is one of the tools used in digital marketing.On the other hand, if you want to put your website marketing on the agenda, you should start with SEO first.A site that is properly optimized for search engines provides a good foundation for other marketing activities.

The second difference is in how each of these conventional methods drives traffic to your website.SEO is trying to get the site to appear in the highest position for certain keywords by crawling bots like Google crawlers.In this way, Intvips experts try to optimize the SEO of your pages more strongly so that the probability of being seen in the top Google results increases and you will attract more organic traffic.

Meanwhile, digital marketing focuses more on attracting paid traffic and uses PPC ads (Google or Facebook ads) and other marketing tools depending on the company’s budget.

Intvips is the best for your digital marketing

Traditional marketing works based on relatively traditional and older tools and media, such as:






Direct email

Any type of print advertisement

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digitalmarketing intvips

digital technology tools:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Content marketing such as blogging, article or video creation

Email marketing

PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising

Mobile marketing (advertisements targeting mobile devices)

Digital marketing in social media

Social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.) have gained popularity among users. Therefore, digital marketing in these social media also helps the progress of small and large businesses.

What is the result of sharing site content on social media?

Sometimes some social media accounts link to your site in sections such as comments or share your content in Instagram stories. In this case, this link is called a backlink, which is very valuable for your site. Because Google considers each of these backlinks as a sign of credibility for your site.

The important thing about backlinks is that usually, these user accounts to link to your site when you have really useful content on your site. Of course, you also have the option to write a relevant and meaningful comment in the comments of other pages and link to your site.

Focus on mobile-friendly functionality

An important issue in SEO marketing is to pay attention to the mobile-friendliness of your website. We all know that nowadays mobile phones have replaced old computers and desktops for many people. So, Intvips experts design your website to display on any type of device, especially mobiles.

With the design of Intvips experts, your customers can have easy and complete access to all pages from any way they enter your website and be completely satisfied with spending time on your website.

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The effects of SEO and digital marketing

SEO and digital marketing are the most important things. Intvips SEO expert’s goal in digital marketing is to increase customers for your business or internet business. In traditional marketing, this was done by printing paper ads, billboards, and pamphlets. This is while digital marketing considers SEO as the most important and best way to introduce a business to others.Search engines check the content of website pages, and every year more than 13 billion searches are performed across the Internet, and with the spread of digital marketing and the growth of Internet businesses, traditional methods are gradually out of competition.

As you know, users visit sites that are ranked first in Google. Intvips experts will help your site to be on the first page of Google, many users will be attracted to your site and you will have more customers with more sales. SEO is the cheapest way to introduce a business to customers without hiring a marketer.


The most important pillar of SEO and digital marketing

By optimizing your website with Intvips experts, you can easily outrank your competitors by writing appropriate and relevant content. Remember that SEO and digital marketing is not an easy process and don’t be satisfied with just content creation because SEO requires high knowledge and experience.

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What is the purpose of Intvips SEO marketing?


Overtaking competitors

Attract more audiences

More targeted customers

Earn high income

Why digital SEO marketing is so important?

Every second more than 60,000 searches are done on Google.

Over 60% of the world’s businesses call digital marketing important.

On average, 40% of marketing costs in large companies are spent online.

48% of Google searches refer to local businesses.

Customer conversion rates and SEO costs are lower compared to other methods.


Currently, in examining the difference between digital marketing and SEO, it can be said that the trends are more toward providing a combination of digital marketing techniques with SEO strategies.In other words, the trend of the digital world shows that these two categories are merging more and more each day.

In the past, experts in this field also thought that SEO and site optimization alone would be enough to grow a business online.But today, the over-expansion of social networks and the popularity they have gained has changed the views.

These media have been explosively transferred from computer pages to tablets and mobile phones, and in this way, more than SEO is needed to reach the consumer market.So that to succeed in the age of current technologies and reach your customers, Intvips combine SEO and digital marketing and use them together.

Why should you hire Intvips SEO and Digital Marketing?

The maximum return on investment is what every customer expects from a company that provides SEO and online marketing services, and in this direction, the most common approach to providing a return on investment is search engine ranking optimization. (the thing that Intvips is master of!!!)

So that if a website performs well in organic SERPs, it will enjoy high traffic and increased sales.In this way, the business owner can get a good return on capital.SEO works on attracting the right audience to your website, which has a higher chance of becoming a customer.

On the other hand, SEO improves the user experience of the website, which also has a positive effect on income.But only an SEO expert is not enough and you must have a team at your disposal to provide you with the best strategies in the digital world.It is only in this situation that digital marketing and SEO together will lead to significant expansion and growth of your business.Because in the world of digital marketing, having your marketing strategy plays an important role in helping to increase your reach to potential customers.

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