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In any business, types of content are important, and video is considered the most popular and effective type of content! Watching videos is more valuable than searching other types of content and its importance cannot be hidden. For several years, businesses have come to the conclusion that the results of video marketing are much higher than other methods! This is why video marketing has made its way into the marketing strategy of businesses and probably the future of marketing will be in the hands of video marketing.

What is video marketing?

Video is one of the types of content and video marketing is the use of video to increase awareness, create interaction with the audience and increase sales. Video marketing overlaps with content marketing and is a part of digital marketing. Video marketing has become essential for all marketing professionals due to its high efficiency.

If you pay attention to today’s life, part of your time is spent on social networks. In social networks, users usually look for videos that can be interesting for them. This issue has caused various businesses to seek branding and increase their sales using video marketing! If you have noticed, many businesses are currently producing video content on social networks such as Instagram, and the reason is to increase the audience. For any business to be able to do successful video marketing, it must know its target audience and use specific videos.

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Video marketing should not be confused with video advertising! In video marketing, you use all the marketing methods to attract the target audience in a natural way. While in video advertising there is no news of these issues and you introduce your product directly. If video marketing is done with high quality, it will increase your brand awareness and users will always follow your videos. Also, if your video content is practical and useful, users will send it to their friends, which can help your business grow.

Why is video marketing so important?

The first thing that makes video marketing so important is that video has different types of content! It is true that video is included in the category of video content, but it can include all types of content; In fact, a valuable video should consist of textual content such as explanations in the video, audio content, video content, etc. In fact, just by watching a video, you can both see it and hear its sound.

On the other hand, the brain works much better with video! The brain needs only 0.1 seconds to understand what it sees. Also, one-half of the human brain is devoted to vision, and 0.7 of the body’s sensory receptors are located in the eyes. The reason the brain reacts better to video than to other types of content is that video is animated, and it grabs your attention completely. Other statistics include YouTube statistics which show that 2 out of every 3 users visit it at least once a week.

Advantages of video marketing

Most people prefer a short video of a few minutes to reading an article that may take between 15 and 20 minutes. This issue is only one of the advantages of video marketing, especially for the audience. In the following, we will examine other benefits as well.

  • Video increases conversion rates.
    According to HubSpot, the video should be considered an investment. Using video on the landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%! Watching a video can completely influence purchasing behavior and convince a visitor to make a purchase. Conveying emotion through video is a powerful sales tool.
  • Video is an attractive part of email campaigns.

We all receive many promotional emails daily, but only some of them are interesting to us. Just using “video” in the subject line can increase email open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates. Using video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click rate.

video editing Intvips video
  • Search engines love video.
    Search engines display the best and most attractive content to the audience. If you put your video on YouTube, YouTube, and your website, the chances of your website showing up in search engines will increase.
  • Video is more shared by the audience                                                One of the signs of success in marketing is that the audience shares your content or produces content for you. Today is the era of videos and viral content. An interesting and useful video spreads quickly on social networks and the Internet.
  • Video marketing earns trust and credibility.
    Video is the best way to brand your business and it enables you to connect with your audience and gain their trust. For 90% of users, product videos simplify the buying and decision-making process. The more videos you make to educate and inform your customers, the more they will trust you, and trust equals increased sales.

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Types of videos

  • Demos or product introductions: Demo videos show how your product works. Working with software,
    unboxing, introducing, or testing a product is this type of video.
  • Commercial films: Branding or commercial videos are usually created as part of
    a larger advertising campaign. The purpose of commercial videos is to create
    brand awareness and attract audiences. Intvips experts will guide you well.
  • Video of events: Is your business hosting a conference, round table, charity, or any other type of event? Intvips Video Editor Team Produce and publish videos of interesting interviews and presentations, gatherings, etc.
  • Video of expert interviews: Interviewing experts in your business is a great way to build trust with your target audience. We find influencers in your industry and interview them.
  • Tutorial videos or how to do things: Educational videos can be used to teach new and valuable content. Especially if the videos convey the basic knowledge needed about your business to the audience. These videos can even be used by sales and service teams when working with customers.
  • Explanatory videos: This type of video is meant to help your audience better understand their needs for your product or service. Intvips experts create a video of the journey of an imaginary character who uses your products or services to solve a problem or need so that customers can identify with it.

Video marketing strategies in social networks

Having a strategy for video marketing is nothing new. You don’t run any marketing campaign without research and strategizing because you’re sure you won’t get good results. This is also true for video marketing. A video marketing strategy is what guides you to determine the budget, timing, production processes, etc. The video marketing strategy for each channel can be different because the audience personas of social networks and different channels are different. Intvips experts produce relevant content considering the audience’s taste in each social network.

In general, the steps of developing a video marketing strategy in Intvips are considered as follows:

1-We consider your goals.
2-We find your target audience.
3-We will clarify your issue.
4-We use the creativity of the young expert team.
5-We specify a time frame for producing and publishing content.
6-Content is created according to your budget.

Some popular networks for video publishing:


Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos. This program allows you to share your photos and videos on other social networks. Today, this program has become popular among people around the world, especially teenagers.


YouTube is one of the best completely free websites for sharing different types of videos. This website allows you to watch any kind of video online. With the help of this website, you can upload your videos and expose them to users. In addition, watch millions of videos on different topics on YouTube.

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