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WordPress site design Intvips

WordPress site design

Users who step into the field of website design are familiar with content management systems. In the meantime, WordPress has been able to host many sites with high popularity. But what is WordPress and what is its use?

What is WordPress and what is it used for?

WordPress in simple language means: If we want to introduce WordPress in simple language, WordPress is a website content management system that you will be able to use to launch various types of websites and blogs. With confidence, based on the experiences of the Intvips team and the examples I have seen, I can assure you that due to the high flexibility of the WordPress content management system, you will be able to launch any type of website with WordPress.WordPress in Professional language means: It can be said that WordPress is a free and open-source website builder that is in the category of CMS (Content Management System). As mentioned, WordPress is free and open source, which can be included in the open-world software category.

WordPress is built using PHP programming language and is supported by Mysql, there is also a version for Postgres QL, this system is completely free and open source.

Why does Intvips suggest WordPress?

In the past years, to build and create a website design with WordPress We had to use difficult and complex programming languages. This method of website design with WordPress Provides powerful sites with the ability to change pixel by pixel, part by part, and without any limitations brings. It is also more secure, of course, to build a site with content management systems (CMS). On the other hand, sites that are written with code are more exclusive and specialized and they can personalize more from the side of their audience.

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Building a site with programming languages:

It increases the loading speed of the site. In contrast to WordPress site design with speed content management systems. They have less loading due to their more complex core. WordPress site design, and SEO optimization and this is a strong reason for the popularity of these cms.


Advantages of professional WordPress site design:

Website design with WordPress is one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and popular website design methods. It is the opinion of web design experts. WordPress has always had diverse, attractive, and modern templates that have been able to attract the attention of the site’s audience. WordPress templates are generally responsive. This is a very important point for the desired site to reach the top of searches. Because the responsiveness of sites is a very determining factor for Google search engines. In designing a professional site with WordPress, you can also have a very good mastery of SEO optimization.

What is the price of WordPress site design in Intvips?

These sites are less expensive due to not using code and using ready-made templates. Website design with WordPress

The best offer of Intvips group is for businesses that want the most efficiency with low cost. Professional WordPress site design is very modern and impressive now.Large organizations in the world also use sites built with CMS.

Choosing how to design a WordPress site is the responsibility of Intvips’s dear customers who can make any choice based on their taste but professional WordPress site design is more affordable and common today. Cheap site design with WordPress with the highest level of quality is your right, dear customer. The goal of Intvips is to provide the best quality in the field of designing all kinds of sites.

Intvips website design services:

Intvips website design company tries to provide high-quality services by making sure. Intvips is ready to provide any advice in this field. If necessary, contact our consultants to guide you.

Professional website design:

It may seem that in designing a professional website with WordPress, the facilities and design of the sites are lost! No, this belief is completely wrong. It is better to find a more comprehensive understanding of this matter by reading the rest of this article. To understand the difference between designing a website with WordPress and a special one, you should know that in

Professional website design with WordPress uses a ready-made platform for website design, but in design

The site is specially designed, implemented, and programmed.

WordPress site design Intvips

Website design at a lower price:

WordPress is a CMS content management system that can be used to create different types of websites

From blogs to corporate and store sites. The power and popularity of WordPress are enough that more than a quarter of important websites on the Internet use this content management system, important sites such as Sony Music, Bloomberg Professional, and The New Yorker.

Website development cost:

The cost of designing a cheap website with WordPress is different compared to its features. Corporate websites are usually the least expensive. But store websites can have several times the difference in cost compared to their features. But it is necessary for you to know what content management system and technologies your project will be developed with. Once you’ve made your choice on this, you can get into the details.

For example, how your website design is produced with WordPress.

WordPress site tariff in Intvips:

The price of designing a website with WordPress and ready-made templates is less expensive than designing a dedicated website. Website design tariff with dedicated WordPress is usually suitable for people and companies with high budgets, who intend to implement special ideas that have not been implemented on the Internet and cannot be implemented with a ready-made content management system. Although people who want to design a website are different, they can also use Intvips-ready templates.

WordPress site design Intvips

Intvips collection:

Having a useful executive record, we provide design, redesign, site optimization and SEO services, WordPress site maintenance, and support to applicants. It should be noted that making changes in the coding of web pages and adding new features and facilities on the site, as site support services.

WordPress is considered a WordPress site and you can review and consider design examples and our support, recognize the quality of the final work, and make better decisions based on this and our services. Leave the support of your WordPress site entirely to our experienced experts, and don’t worry about it anymore.

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Effective factors in WordPress theme design tariff

In general, there are many criteria to determine the WordPress theme design tariff, but the main factors are:


Graphics and design style of WordPress theme

The topic and operation of the site

Standard coding for the validity of HTML and CSS codes

Responsive design (compatible with mobile phones and tablets)

Creating a settings panel in the WordPress dashboard

Designing WordPress page templates

SEO and site and skin optimization

The duration of support and solving possible problems

Increase site loading speed

Ordering the WordPress template design for the company or collaborating with freelancers (signing an official contract or performing the project by agreement)

Providing or not providing skin PSD files to the client

And …

Bilingual zing a WordPress site:

Bilingual zing WordPress and translating the site into different languages ​​is one of the most basic needs of any WordPress site

The site administrators can provide the content and topics that they include on their site in several different languages ​​to the users of any language. Today, as you have seen, the need to translate the site and make it multilingual is necessary for every site.

Special requirements in the design of bilingual sites:

During the bidiagonalization of WordPress, our experts expand Linking from one language to another language. There must be several options available to people. Intvips experts provide a link that takes the visitor from the pages he is on to

Transfer another page with an alternate language or just redirect them to the list page instead of people

being able to move to the equivalent page with alternative languages.

Should I trust WordPress?!

If you are hesitant about using WordPress to start your site or if you are still not convinced, what would be better than comparing the sites that use it?! To ensure the popularity of WordPress, we can refer to websites such as wpbeginner, Jay Z site, Blackberry, etc., which are in the list of users of the WordPress content management system. To date, it can be said that millions of sites use WordPress, which makes it the most popular blogging software. This system is flexible enough that nearly 500 profitable companies’ blogs and periodicals use it.


WordPress is built using PHP programming language and is also supported by MySQL, there is also a version for Postgres QL and it is currently the best option for all users in the world to design a website.


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