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The development of information technology and digital infrastructure has made social networks more of a focus than before. If in the past social networks were only formed at the level of neighborhoods and cities, today with cheap access to digital devices (Internet, mobile, and software) most of the world can expand their communication network regardless of time and place.

Social connections are created when the structure of related places is created. These nodes can be individuals, groups, or organizations.

As the use of social networks has increased greatly and their influence among users has increased, many people have seen them as advertising platforms. However, social media marketing is not an easy task and there are many techniques and tricks involved

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Before starting and dealing with the methods and principles of social network marketing, it is necessary to define them. In simple words, social media marketing (SMM) is using various social networks and creating content in them to achieve marketing and sales goals.

But if we want to explain more, we have to say that social media marketing is the use of social platforms to connect with the audience, branding, increase sales, and even increase website traffic. In this system, you will be involved in publishing the best content, listening and interacting with your followers, analyzing the results, and running advertising campaigns.The most important social networks used today include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

SMM, which stands for Social Media Marketing, is one of the digital marketing methods. If you do proper marketing in this network, you can attract a large audience and increase your business. Considering the activity of a large part of people on social platforms such as Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc., presence and marketing on social media will be useful for almost all businesses; But you must remember that SMM is not a direct sales channel and is only a tool to help you sell more, it really does not generate direct sales and it takes time.

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Need Social Media Marketing or SMM?

Social media marketing costs more than other digital marketing methods; So, first, you should check if you really need SMM. Despite the size of the audience in different social networks, not all businesses benefit from social media marketing, but they succeed in their business. First, you need to define what you expect from SMM for your business and then use it. Intvips experts will help you to recognize your needs.

Important benefits of social media marketing

Social media presence and marketing are very important. Therefore, choosing this method can have important advantages, as confirmed by Intvips experts:

  1. Increasing brand awareness
  2. Generating quality leads
  3. Increasing the rate of reproduction
  4. Establish deep, long-term, and two-way relationships with audiences
  5. Analyze your competitors and learn from them
  6. Increase traffic to the website
  7. Impact on SEO and improved ranking in search engines
  8. Receiving contact information from followers
  9. Increase customer loyalty
  10. Added value
  11. Improve brand credibility
  12. Good value and efficiency
  13. Market leadership and intellectual leadership
  14. Be a source of content
  15. Customer Conduct
  16. Setup issues and customer support

Types of Social Media Marketing

There are different types of social media marketing. But in general, this solution is divided into four main categories, which we mention below:

  1. Social Networking (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  1. Microblogging (Twitter and Tumblr)
  1. Sharing photos (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)
  1. Video sharing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, and Vimeo)

7 stages of presence and marketing

1- Membership in social networks

Depending on your business goals, Intvips experts will select the desired platform and join it and open an account for your business. Before planning and implementing the strategy, Intvips experts consider the following points:

What is the purpose of being on social networks?

What do you need to join a social network?

Are your social networks optimized in terms of content, photos, design, URLs, etc.?

Which network is most useful to you right now?

How does your profile compare to your competitors?

2- Determine the ideal customer

In this case, the more accurately the end customer can be described, the easier it is to achieve the goal, which is easily accomplished because of the expertise of Intvips experts in this field.

For correct and suitable selection, firstly, Intvips experts check the following criteria for individuals:



Job title


The most used social networks

social media marketing intvips


3- Choose a position on the social network

After creating a user account on a social network, Intervips experts will determine your presence on this network that reflect your purpose for this presence and reflects your brand. That’s why they consider you as their ideal customer.

4- Creation and curation of interesting content

Types of content in social networks



Blog posts

Company Information


Books or eBooks


Content comes in many forms, but Intvips experts use content that matches your identified customer goals and ideal skills. Considering that high quality, engaging and relevant content should be the priority of our work.

5-Defining Key Success Indicators (KPI)

In order to determine your success rate, it is necessary to define and measure what Intvips experts do. In addition to the success rate of the strategy, the effectiveness of the time and money spent on the strategy should also be measured. Some of the parameters that should be measured include:

exchange rate

time spent on website pages

mentioning the name of the product (brand)

Total number of shares


6- Invest in social media management tools

Intvips experts use social network management tools to increase client profitability. Using these tools makes it easier to use these networks. One of the advantages of these tools is the ability to schedule posts

7- Follow, analyze, and optimize

It can be said that this step plays a vital role in business success in social networks. However, most marketers use trial and error, which does not always produce accurate results. But tracking the results, analyzing the received data, and making changes to optimize the results is the best solution that you can leave to our experts.

social media marketing intvips

Techniques to implement any social media marketing

To do SMM, you must first choose the platform you want based on your business goals, social media marketing goals, budget, and target customers, which Invips experts will help you with.

It should be noted that each social network needs different marketing methods, and Intvips experts will help you find the best option for your company with their experience.

For example, according to your business, our experts will choose the Telegram application, which allows you to share links, create channels, etc.

For more information about social networks and social network management, you can click here.

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