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Custom website design

 Ordering a website design is necessary for any business to succeed and surpass its competitors. Intvips company provides customized and professional website design services at a reasonable price. Recognizing the needs and designing a customized website according to the needs of users is one of the features of web design in the Intvips collection.

What are the advantages of custom website design in Intvips?

With the design of the site, two-way communication has been established with a wide range of people, and the services provided by the site are always available. Business owners need to use professional websites to increase their credibility and sell more. Therefore, website design and construction in a reliable center are very important because they put the business on the path of growth.


Benefits of designing a website in Intvips:

-Website design at a reasonable price

-User-friendliness and appropriate graphics of the site designed by this collection

-Implementation of dynamic and static methods in design

-Being responsive and compatible with different devices

-High website speed

-Website design and support by a professional team

Ordering a website design with a graphic and stylish look

 Having user-friendly graphics is always one of the advantages of reliable and successful websites. The use of beautiful images and graphics appropriate to the topic of the site is the key to the success of a website. Having the right appearance of the website can provide success for the website. If the website graphics are not suitable, the users will be dissatisfied and leave the website without using your website services. For this purpose, Intvips uses experienced graphic designers and builds all kinds of websites by applying design principles.

Custom website design Intvips
Custom website design Intvips

Custom and responsive website design

 The expansion of electronic tools and the ability to use the Internet in them has made the website suitable for them. Compatibility with all types of devices and browsers is a requirement of today’s websites. A proper website should work well with different phones, laptops, etc., and the user can easily use its content.

The number of users who connect to the website through mobile phones is increasing day by day, so proper loading of the site on mobile phones and other devices is of great importance. When you place an order, Intvips site designers will design a responsive and mobile-friendly site for you.

High website speed in custom website design

 One of the requirements of a modern and modern website is high speed of the website. If the website is slow, the user may close the browser page without opening the website. Therefore, by providing high speed for the website, ease of use should be provided for users. Using proper coding can be very effective in this matter. Also, search engines display faster websites higher in their results. Therefore, Intvips experts will be successful in increasing the number of visits to your website by designing the site and controlling the high speed of the site.

Custom website design Intvips 2
Custom website design Intvips 0

Website design rates

 Different companies offer different prices for website design depending on their services and technical level. Intvips team uses its experienced and professional team to design a high-quality and reasonably priced website.

Companies (private/government), printing and advertising centers, medical centers and doctors, restaurants, fast food and catering halls, hotels, and accommodation centers, travel and airline agencies, online stores, and educational and academic websites. , schools, etc., real estate consultant websites, construction, entertainment and entertainment company websites, shopping malls, clothes and apparel, home decoration and accessories, insurance, personal websites, etc. each design has its strategy.

The goal of Intvips experts is only customer satisfaction

Important points in ordering corporate website design

The important points in the website design order include many issues, attention to each of which can cause the definitive elimination of risk or dangerous possibilities for the employer or the website. The first and most important point in designing any type of site is the designer’s understanding of the client’s expectations and ideas. Website design will lead to success when the designer has a complete understanding of the customer’s expectations, ideas, and level of expectation. Choosing a good design is not the only issue that should be considered.Rather, many points are important to consider. The loading speed of the site is one of the main things that if not paid attention to creates a serious obstacle to communication between the user and the site.

 There are simple theories that can create ideal conditions for users when applying them to place an order for website design. These theories include:

Use descriptive phrases as keywords

Inserting communication ways on the entire page of the site in an attractive way

Create a special panel for user questions

Display new things at the specified time for the user

Adhering to the standards required for website design

Using color harmony in a smart way

Respecting the order of the menus for the easiest access for users

Observance of these and other subtle points can result in an extremely ideal output from the site designed for the user. Implementing these changes or somehow these tips in the stages of designing a site, may not cause significant changes in the first steps.But, after a certain period from the implementation of these changes, you can encounter exciting feedback. In general, today, the ordering process for building a store, news, entertainment, etc. website is done quickly and with high accuracy.Placing an order for website design in reputable companies, including Intvips, provides the applicant with the assurance that, in addition to high-quality output, there is a definite guarantee for support after placing the site order.




Among the most important factors affecting the cost of ordering a corporate website, these items should be mentioned:

The appearance of the site

Support Site

Programming language

Host and domain

Website design with ready CMS

Type of content management and production system

Exclusive design

Professional and ultra-professional company website design order

Placing an order for corporate website design is logical considering the expectations of the audience and considering important issues such as the quality and activity level of competitors. For this reason, receiving expert advice before ordering a corporate website allows customers to choose the most appropriate way.

Viewing samples designed for the order of a corporate website can be one of the most favorable opportunities to get to know the work style and level of expertise of a collection or group. Ordering a professional website design by reviewing the portfolio creates an opportunity for trial and error.

Ordering the construction of a corporate website in a professional or ultra-professional manner should be done by reviewing online work samples or considering the level of experience and expertise of the designer. Ordering a site as an influential way in the web world to operate and earn money, if you know the necessary prerequisites, will never bring regret or financial loss.

Many companies mislead or mislead customers with deceptive advertisements about ordering site construction. One of the most common mistakes in trusting a group to order a website is to ignore samples of work that will prove the group’s skill or inexperience.

With more than 10 years of experience, Intvips website design group has continuously been active in the field of website design cost estimation and website design order, and development of a good exclusive website builder. We believe that in the field of digital marketing, there is no other industry like a website design that we are not aware of and are not familiar with the speed and impressiveness with which website design and digital marketing are currently progressing.

With the increase in the cost of ordering a site, you also put in a lot of effort to support your business to be seen by global website visitors, especially in today’s market, we feel that there are important topics that should be the main ones. It should be carefully examined and checked to make sure that your site has a high score in terms of Google and ranking sites and is not declining or on Google’s blacklist.

If you are completely sure of the positive performance of your site design, the important and key points of the site will be changed or updated at any moment, and this will cause your site to lag in terms of technicality and update over time. This will cause your site’s ranking to decrease in Google rankings. If you follow a few important points in designing your website correctly, you will be well on your way to getting a website that scores well.

Experience success with Intvips

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