What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO

black hat seo
What is black hat SEO? 2

What is black hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a set of techniques that are done with tricks to trick search engines, especially Google, to get a temporary position in search results (SERP). These actions will lead to periodic fines and sometimes the removal of all site keywords in Google. In a simple definition, it can be said that black hat SEO is a set of techniques to get a quick position in the search results, which is in conflict with the standards and algorithms proposed by Google.

Black hat techniques are not only for external link building but there are many black hat methods even in content creation training, internal link building, and technical SEO.

Many common activities in managing a site have the potential to become a black hat method, and due to our low knowledge of Google’s algorithms, a clear border between white and black hat SEO cannot be considered.

The most dangerous black hat SEO techniques:

Overuse of keywords

Keyword overloading is an old and common way to introduce the desired keyword to Google. In this method, which is close to black hat SEO techniques, by repeating a specific word or phrase in the text, title, and meta description, the capacity of this negative technique is used to get a ranking in Google.

Sneaky redirect

When site visitors click on a URL and are transferred to another URL that is often unrelated to the search topic, it is called redirection. In this way, black hat SEO manipulates the search results to make more links and get a higher rank. Redirects are acceptable when, for example, they are used for the purpose of informing about a domain change or unifying two contents.

Content plagiarism

One of the techniques that are used in the category of black hat SEO is content copied or stolen from another site. Google will work hard to find original content and show it on the results page (SERP). With this technique, you will reduce the credibility of the site in the blink of an eye and you may even be fined.

hidden Links and text

Hiding links and text for the purpose of creating links is done in different ways, which is considered a black hat SEO violation and has consequences. Different types of hiding links are: hiding the text or link with CSS, using the background color font, zero size font, or hiding the link with one character.

Improper use of structured data:

Structured data allows you to differentiate your content from your competitors and find a better position on the results page. You can add structured data to a page that displays a podcast, recipe, or book.

 In fact, more information that causes more traffic is one of the white hat SEO strategies, but if this information is manipulated and false information is used to deceive Google and search engines, it is considered a type of black hat SEO, for example, a person may give himself five stars from a fake site. to rank higher on the search pages.

What are the consequences of using black hat SEO?

Getting a website suspended and banned is one of the consequences of using black hat SEO, and the more common penalty is a downgrade.

Many methods are used in black hat SEO, the most common of which were mentioned.It is recommended that you entrust your site to experts whose knowledge you trust or whom you have researched enough to get a good result and not be fined.

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