How to update the old content of the site and influence the SEO of the site

update the old content

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How to update the old content of the site and influence the SEO of the site 2

To what extent is the impact of updating content on your site’s SEO? Do you want to increase your ranking in Google and other search engines? Does updating the content have a positive or negative effect? follow Intvips.

What is meant by updating content?

The first point of view is to get user satisfaction from the site. For example, you wrote an article in 2016 about Excel or Word content, but with the passage of time and the progress of science, science and technology progress every day, and the content must be updated. Now the user enters the site and seeing that the content has not been updated and is for the past, he gets angry and quickly leaves the site. As a result, the user’s satisfaction with the site and his positive opinion are very important for the site. Audience satisfaction from the site is so important and important in terms of SEO that if a site is not able to satisfy the audience, it gradually loses its value and credibility, so search engines also try to provide the best results and fix It has their needs.

What should be done to update the content of the site?

If the content of your site is still liked by users and has not lost its validity, you can update your content by adding a few lines of updated information and enter the content. But if the content of your website loses its credibility, you should completely change the content and rewrite it.

Which content should you update?

Articles that rank almost as high: They can become traffic magnets with a little boost.

Articles that are currently highly ranked, but are at risk of being overtaken by competitors.

Articles that caused a lot of noise when they were first published.

Outdated research papers.

How to update old blog posts for SEO and higher rankings?

1. first Method: Some bloggers simply update the title and some sections.

2. Second method: Some bloggers rewrite the entire post.

But as mentioned above, it is better to update the entire content for old articles.

Several reasons for updating content

-Increase traffic through content updates:

If you use search engines like Google to search, you will find that the results provided by Google are related to the last year or so. For example, if you search for a specific topic on Google, it will provide you with a list that you will find by checking the list that all the sites that are part of the first links have updated content or created content in the last year.

-Correct spelling and grammar mistakes in the content:

When we are reading an article and text and we come across a spelling mistake, we hope that no one noticed it and we try to fix it. Misspellings, poor grammar harm the user experience, which directly or indirectly affects search engine results.

By fixing grammar and spelling errors, you will see an increase in site visits.

What is URL recycling?

By updating old content, you’re essentially recycling the original URL. If that URL is linked to from other websites, you are using the existing authority of that page, which can be significant. You can use SEO software or Google search console to count links and estimate the validity of that page.

The FRESHNESS algorithm multiplied the importance of updating content and generating fresh content, but not on all sites. Some areas like news websites should use content updates to get better ranking.

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