How to optimize the website with seasonal SEO?

What is seasonal SEO?

Seasonal SEO focuses on increasing the conversion rate in a limited period of time so that users can use more of the site’s services in a specific period of time.

In seasonal SEO, common SEO techniques are often used, but their targeting is related to keywords or positions that are searched for much more in a certain time frame. A series of products, hobbies, and notable topics change according to the different seasons of the year. Obviously, some content that deals with certain topics should change according to the season. For example, if you have an e-commerce website related to clothing, you should change your content according to the different seasons of the year.

Seasonal SEO is actually a branch of traditional SEO that uses the same SEO strategy, but instead, looks more at different seasons or specific days.

Types of seasonal SEO

There are two types of seasonal SEO: 1-Seasonal SEO 2-Event-based SEO

Seasonal SEO can only focus on different seasons of the year like spring, and summer. But event-based SEO deals with occasions that occur in a certain season; For example, Christmas.

How to know the latest topics in each chapter?

Define your target audience, categorize their interests, and find the right events for them. The age group of the audience is very important for seasonal SEO. Before publishing content, you should pay attention to the age group of your audience. Obviously, a child’s favorite events are different from an adult’s!

How to plan the seasonal SEO of the site?

When you are planning for seasonal SEO, it is quite clear that you should use a proper seasonal strategy in order to increase the sales and conversion rate of the site. One of the best places to start is to look at last year’s data. You can do this with the help of Google Analytics or the data you have collected yourself. This data will show you when you have experienced upswings or downswings and you can find out what time of year customers bought the most.

Do not neglect the seasonal pictures

Seasonal images add beauty and expertise to your website. Visuals are important for seasonal SEO because they evoke the season in your audience and make them more interested in your website.

When to offer seasonal content?

This is a very important question. You must deliver seasonal content at the correct time or it will practically become obsolete! Consider this example: when we are in spring, summer clothes can be seen in clothing stores from the end of May. The content is also like this. You should publish seasonal and special content earlier than the date of its occurrence, otherwise, it will not work for you.

Why do we need seasonal SEO?

Seasonal SEO is very important if we are thinking about permanent success in our business. Different seasons have different effects on business, and whether your business is divided into two seasons or four seasons, you should make changes in planning for your business at the same time as the rotation of the earth. This issue is probably clear to you, but you may underestimate the impact of this issue in determining your SEO strategy.

The important thing is that you should deal with the related issues before the season. You should always be ready for it, earlier than the day of the occasion, so that you can respond to the needs of your audience and customers.

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