Google Discover and the importance of its optimization

Google Discover

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Google Discover and the importance of its optimization 1

If you are active in the field of setting up and optimizing a website, you are definitely familiar with Google Discover and its benefits. But what is Google Discover and what is its use? Google Discover is actually the developed and personalized version of Google Feed, which displays the most relevant content for users based on factors such as search history, location, language, etc. By examining and analyzing the type of activity and behavior of users in the web environment, Google Discover intelligently identifies their interests and tastes and uses them to display useful content during the search. Google Discover is a useful tool that can help you significantly increase your website traffic.

Content SEO for Google Discover

Since 2018, Google Discover has had a significant impact on the social world. Google Discover is the newest member of the Google family, and content SEO is a given for it. How to optimize content for Google Discover?

1. Content and website suitable for mobile

One of the most important things to remember is that Google Discover works on mobile devices and is only available on tablets and smartphones. So in theory, all the traffic you get from Google Discover is coming from mobile devices. Google has emphasized mobile traffic for years. Mobile traffic has become a vital aspect of internet marketing and traffic, even surpassing desktop traffic.


Depending on the preferences of your target audience and niche, you may need to create more videos. Google Discover ranks text-based content as well as videos in the feed. For example, a video for guitar lessons is more suitable than a blog post for guitar lessons.

3.Types of content

Google Discover offers a variety of content regularly. So if you want your content to rank on Discover, it’s best to know what kind of content can be featured.

4.Content relevance and the Google Discover algorithm

If your goal is to rank on Discover, understanding who your audience is and what kind of content they want can be very helpful. After all, content relevance is an integral aspect of Google Discover.

5.SEO images

One of the biggest and most important factors in Google Discover ranking and getting a high CTR is the use of high-quality images in the content. Google recommends using larger images instead of smaller ones. Google recommends using images with a width of at least 1200 pixels.

What is the difference between Google Search and Google Discover?

You might think that the nature of Google Discover is the same as Google Search; While these two have two completely different functions. Google Discover is one of the newest and most up-to-date versions of Google, which is much more user-friendly than the general search tool, and its results are completely displayed based on the basic interests of users. While Google search is based on words and phrases that users enter in the search bar to get answers to their questions.

The importance of Google Discover for SEO

All webmasters and content production experts are fully aware of the importance and impact of SEO on website content and their position on the search results page, but they do not focus on Google Discover as they should. Google Discover is an important factor in site SEO; Because one of the main aspects of Google search is that it allows users to be always up-to-date on the topics that are important to them and, most importantly, to access them easily.


In this article, we have fully examined what Google Discover is and what it is used for, and we have also introduced you to the methods of getting your site’s content to Google Discover. As you read, Google Discover is one of Google’s most popular services that provides users with their favorite content based on their search history and behavior. Getting the contents of a website to the Google Discover section will bring many benefits to it and will increase the number of visits and improve its SEO.

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