The best digital marketing tools

digital marketing tools

digital marketing
The best digital marketing tools 2

In digital marketing, everything can be measured.

Having a set of software tools for managing data, content, and digital marketing is essential. Marketing tools give you insights into customer journeys, personas, conversion rates, and more so you can stay ahead of your competition by making the right decisions and actions. Without digital marketing tools, you can’t strategize to attract your target customers, and you can’t follow them along their journey. These tools help us to:

-to hear the voice of customers

-Manage projects

-measure the audience’s behavior moment by moment and get to know them better

-control costs

-to shine on social networks

-send emails and SMS at the best time

To get the most out of digital marketing, you need to know its tools and use them to analyze, create and measure advertising campaigns.

Website optimization tools for search engines

Analytical tools

-Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides useful reports to businesses in the field of SEO. Below is a summary of the most important Google Analytics reports.

-Similar Web

Similar Web is a tool that estimates the total amount of traffic received by different websites. In this way, users can identify the traffic sources of competitors.

Keyword analysis tools

-trends google

Google Trend is one of Google’s tools that analyzes popular queries in different languages ​​and locations. Users can enter keywords into this tool and see a graph of its popularity over time.

-Keywords Everywhere

This tool is actually a Google Chrome extension. When you search for a keyword, the Keywords Everywhere tool shows monthly search traffic, cost per click, and competition.

Page level control tools

-Google Search Console

This tool does a lot more than just check website rankings. Apart from checking the ranking of the website, it also checks for crawl errors. It also provides reports on website links and searches.

-Advanced web monitoring

The Advanced Web Tracking Tool allows users to view the ranking when needed or daily and weekly. The reports of this tool can be accessed from any device.

Site crawler tools

-Screaming Frog

This marketing tool checks the relevance of a website based on search engine and website optimization criteria. Screaming Frog is a powerful web crawler that provides tons of information about your website’s architecture, content, and metadata.

Background analysis tools

– Buzzsumo

This tracker allows users to identify websites that have links to competitors. It also analyzes shared backlinks.

Get ahead with digital marketing tools

Are all digital marketing tools summarized in these cases? No! There are various tools that you can use according to your needs. We tried to introduce tools that are easier to use.

To learn more about these tools and how to use them, be in touch with Intvips experts.

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