The importance of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

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The importance of Google Tag Manager 2

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is simply an intermediate tool for tag management. A tag is a piece of code that is used to collect information or perform certain tasks on websites and applications. Google Tag Manager (Google Tag Manager) or GTM is a free tag management tool that helps you create, manage and launch HTML or JavaScript tags. These tags track analytics data on websites or mobile apps and also share that data with web analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

What are Google tags?

Tags, in a general sense, are pieces of code that you embed into your website’s JavaScript or HTML to extract specific information. For marketers, essential tag information typically includes the following information:

It is the length of time that users visit a page on your site

Submitted forms

How did they enter your site?

What links have they clicked on?

What products have they removed from their shopping cart?

Why was tag manager created?

Google introduced the tag manager in 2012. Every tool must be created following a need in the market; The need for a tag manager has existed almost since the beginning of the Internet.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to create and monitor tags in one user interface, without having to write new code every time you want to create a tag. You simply place the Google Tag Manager code on any page of your website. This eliminates the manual process of creating tags and makes your marketing process more efficient and accurate.

Why should we use tag manager?

– Your digital life will be easier

With Tag Manager, we don’t need any level of coding knowledge and all our actions are done using simple and user-friendly software.

– Incredible speed

One of the most important features of tag manager is increasing the speed of your work. With Tag Manager, you only need a few simple clicks to set up all kinds of tags, and all the steps, from settings to implementation, are done in less than a few minutes.

Tag Manager is compatible with all the necessary services and can be connected

With Tag Manager, you can add the tag of various tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Optimize, Hot Jar, Firebase and countless other tools in one tag to your site/application.

Does Google Tag Manager help site SEO?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a Google product that helps SEO professionals gain much more visibility into what is happening on a website. GTM also provides a way to easily add tags and triggers, as well as add things like Google Analytics and other SEO-related software.

Who is Tag Manager suitable for?

It really doesn’t matter if you have just one simple site/app or if you are the manager of a large business with multiple sites or apps. Tag Manager answers all your needs at any level you operate.

Advantages of Google Tag Manager

Registration of return and exit of users from the site

Monitoring the behavior of application users and app errors

Adding tags like noindex to the page

Adding schema codes automatically

Monitoring user interaction such as the time spent on the page

Connecting statistics services and monitoring user behavior

Record the number of clicks on the buttons

Activating the chat service, notification, etc

There is no service similar and as effective as Google Tag Manager. Every digital marketing expert and every webmaster should know how to work with Google Tag Manager. Of course, apart from Tag Manager, there are other tools that you must be familiar with, such as Search Console, Google Analytics, etc.

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